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     Are you one of those weirdo compulsives who come to the same restaurant, sit in the same chair and eat the same food every day?”

"I mean, Dulé killed me on the first day when he did that little girly scream. Ridiculous! And uh, we just had a lot of fun. It really was a lot of fun. And I think those outtakes, by the way, they kept a lot of them and I think you can find them online….
It was a great show and had a great run, and I was really blessed to be a part of it."

— Cary Elwes at Dragon*Con, when asked about working on Psych. (I only got part of it recorded. he was saying more about how he got the part before this)

"I want my father, on his deathbed…four or five years for now, to look at me and say, that…that is the man I raised. And I want him to be pointing at some other guy, because that means maybe, just maybe I am not his biological son"

— Shawn Spencer (via myrnakj86)